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Entry Level Home Theater

Enhance the listening Experience with advanced audio processing

You've been hearing a lot about Home Theatre from your friends or your neighbour has a huge big Display, Streaming devices , Media Player, Gaming Station & audio video Receiver, Speakers and a Subwoofer that you can HEAR & FEEL. Even your family members are demanding you to get a Home Theatre System.

With so much entertainment now available in advanced surround sound - not just movies on disc but TV shows, streaming content, and live sporting events - a 5.1 - 7.1 -or even 9.1 channel home theatre makes a world of sense. .

An Entry Level Home Theater system usually includes the following  essentials:

  • Audio Video Receiver
  • Satellite , Book shelf for Tower Speakers
  • Powered Subwoofer
  • Required cables & connectors

The entry level systems include a multiple audio decoders like Dolby, Dolby Plus, Dts , DtsHD Master, Dolby true HD Etc. These technologies to make sure you hear the most realistic surround sound possible from home.

Help & Support:

Every manufacturer does its best to make sure that yourentry level home theatres packages are premium quality and easy affair. Choosing the right packages is a tricky proposition. For choosing among the best you simply take the professional support for buying , install & set up the package . For our part, we hope this site helps you clear that fog.


Entry level Home theaters packages range starts from Rs.69,000 onwards.