Max Home Theaters

Dedicated Cinema Room

Dedicated Home Cinema rooms are our specialty. Did you know getting the cinema experience in your own home is easy? it’s actually possible to get a better movie experience at home than at your local cinema.

Most dedicated rooms need a screen over 100 inches to really make the viewer feel they are getting the 'big screen experience'. We have AV systems available from major manufacturers which will wow at most price points. Leading brands and products which are designed to give the best possible experience for a given budget. We have teams of joiners and interior designers to deliver a truly exceptional home cinema room for any given budget.

Almost any room in the home can be turned in to a cinema, using Acoustic panels even lets us sound proof the room from the rest of the household.

The cinema room is one place were keeping natural light to a minimum reaps rewards, home cinema projectors produce much more vivid pictures with better contrast in spaces with lower ambient light.

Truly great Cinema design requires experience, dedication, expertise, and inspired imagination! At max we pride ourselves in being able to deliver the ultimate solutions.

Our aim is to design and build systems that perform Beyond Your Expectations and to the highest standards possible! With over 20 years combined experience and a true passion for Cinema, you can be sure max experts know how to deliver.