Max Home Theaters

Company Profile

Company Profile

Finest Sound – Extraordinary Picture – Ultimate Surround  Effects   – A true Cinematic  Experience at home..

MAX Electronics was established in the year 1995. We were into sales, service, solution provider & consultant of premium brands and home cinema systems. In the beginning of 21st century, we stepped into complete solutions provider of premium Home Theater products & Solutions. Having more than 20 plus years of experience in premium home theatres and home cinema solutions, we had successfully executed huge numbers of projects across south India.

Products & Service

  1. Entry level home theater packages
  2. High End Home Theater packages
  3. Audio video receivers
  4. Premium speaker packages
  5. Premium subwoofers
  6. Projectors & projection screen
  7. Dedicated Home Cinema rooms
  8. Automation system
  9. Room calibration & tunning
  10. Room Acoustic Solutions & Design
  11. Display solutions


We have total strength of 12 people at your service. There are 4 Engineering graduates who will analyze your requirements and guide and 4 Service Engineers to provide the best possible solutions to your needs. Our 4 support staffs will continuously attend to your needs and coordinate with the Service Engineers and our customers. All our departments work in tandem to deliver the best possible solution to our customers.